Thinking Pink


It was a weekend of serious swing dancing for Vivian and me. It started off with the Pink Party on Friday night, which had been postponed one week due to inclement weather. (The snow, by the way, had all but vaporized by Friday.) Viv and I had offered to help set up for the event, so we were there at seven setting up tables before our pink-clad guests started showing up. The pink polo I wore was, for some reason, mistaken for orange all throughout the night. I suppose it was just a rather manly shade of pink.

DSCF0030.JPGWe tried not to stay up too late, however, because on Saturday morning we got up to have breakfast with Lee Terry at Billy’s Cafe at 50th and Grover. Lee Terry is the congressman in our district, and he apparently shows up to meet with is constituents every now and then. I “friended” him and Facebook and learned about the event, but the place was packed tanks to a notice in the Omaha World-Herald. We did get a chance to sit down and eat breakfast before the place filled up with questions. We also got to shake Lee’s hand on the way out. It definitely felt good to feel a little more involved in the political process than going to vote for some guy you’ve never seen in person every four years.


On Saturday night, our friends Troy and Merinda had the grand revealing of their newly-finished basement. I heard about the progress on this remodeling project for months now, and it was quite exciting to see the finished result: a gorgeous dance floor that fills the entire space of the basement, as well as a fully-stocked bar in the corner. Sweet! I got a serious workout dancing to some of my favorite music from the 80s and today, which was quite a refreshing change from the standard playlist we’re used to hearing every Friday night.

Naturally, the Order of the Shovel was present and had a ten-second group huddle and got our photos taken for no apparent reason. Rock on!



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