Easter Weekend


The Great Adventures gang at Chad’s house on Easter Eve.

DSCF0023.JPGHappy belated Easter, everyone! Vivian and I spent our first Easter weekend as a married couple with friends and family over the weekend. On Saturday, we attended an “eggciting” Easter eve party with our friends from Great Adventures over at Chad’s house in Omaha. We started the evening off coloring eggs with friends, using crayons and dye just like I did when I was a kid. That brought back memories. Some of the girls got to hide the eggs while we waited inside (without peeking), and then we all got to run around outside trying to find them. Vivian and I were able to recover six of them, but some of them went unfound. I have a feeling Chad will be smelling them sometime around July, wherever they are.

Once we’d recovered all the eggs, we headed back inside to crack them all up to make egg salad sandwiches and deviled eggs to much. A couple thoughtful people brought a Wii for us to play with, so I got to try out Mario Kart for the first time. That was fun.


On Sunday, Vivian and I attended a sunrise service at Christ Community Church, where they put on a series of skits featuring “doubting Thomas” before the sermon. We wanted to be sure to have plenty of time to get ready for Easter dinner at our place, since we were hosting it for the first time together. Vivian’s parents came over, as did Eric and our mutual friend Kristin, and we got to have some glazed ham courtesy of Jack, and a number of side dishes courtesy of Vivian. My lovely wife spent the last couple of weeks hunting down recipes for such things as roasted asparagus and crab dip for us to try out, and Donna finished us off with a decadently large pudding dessert.

It was an eventful weekend to say the least, and I hope amidst the eggs and food preparation that we didn’t lose sight of what we were supposed to be celebrating: the resurrection of Jesus and our salvation through Him. Maybe next time I’ll say it this way: Happy Resurrection Sunday!

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