Friends and Freak Snow


Vivian and I have had a couple quiet weekends together, and it’s getting to the point where I’m really missing all my Jitterbugs friends. On Friday we went out with veteran Jitterbug Robin for her husband Tim’s birthday at HuHot. We stuffed ourselves crazy with some do-it-yourself Mongolian grill fare, and then went to hang out at Barnes and Noble, where Tim got to spend the gift card we gave him on a fun-sounding roleplaying game. We wrapped up the evening watching Race to Witch Mountain, another thorough raping of a childhood memory brought to you by Disney. Thanks, guys. Next time, just for a change of pace, remake a bad movie and made it good.

The other noteworthy event this weekend was the freak snowstorm on Sunday. Every now and then I have to remind myself, “This is Nebraska, and we can have either a freak snowstorm in April or a 100 degree heatwave in October.” Spring did seem to come early this year, and every time Vivian and I have been able to leave the windows open and enjoy actual fresh air has been a blessing. Come on, spring! Show us some blossoms before the icy hand of winter strikes again.

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