Jitterbrats on Parade


Over the weekend, Vivian and I unexpectedly became members of the “Jitterbrats” down in Louisville, Nebraska. A few weeks ago, Dan Wondra had asked if we and a few of our jitterbug friends would like to demonstrate some swing dancing in a small town parade. It sounded like fun, especially since Lindy in the Park was down to once a month now, and the cool May weather was too nice to waste indoors. Four other couples joined us, and we had some fun doing the Lindy Hop down Main Street together before coming back to do a street demo. Takashi performed some karaoke for us, and a bunch of us headed down to Gambino’s to fill up on pizza before heading our seperate ways.

I’m still surprised how a picturesque little town like Louisville had hide so successfully just a few miles south of the burgeoning urban sprawl of West Omaha. Visiting a small town in Nebraska is like traveling back in time, where Main Street looks much like it did a hundred years ago, and there’s still a working soda fountain at the corner drugstore (as there had been since 1938).

That evening, Vivian and I drove down to Lincoln to see Star Trek with Nathan and his girlfriend Ranae. It seemed like a decent movie, but I think the plot was mostly lost on all four of us. I was also hoping to see a film that fit just a bit better into the continuity of the rest of the Star Trek story, but I suppose they’ll have time to clean that up a bit in a sequel or two.



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