Back in the swing of things

After Vivian and I had a chance to recover from our trip to Nashville, we enjoyed catching up with some of our friends back in Omaha. On Friday night we went on a double date before JNO with Onion-Boy and Sarah. We went to McFoster’s “Natural Kind Cafe,” a vegetarian restaurant between Harney and Farnam on 38th street serving tiny sandwiches, pungent ginger smoothies, and the absolute worst chocolate cake in the world (non-dairy made with rice flour. Blech.) I found the history of the restaurant more interesting the food, since it was originally a service station along the old Lincoln Highway.

On Saturday, Vivian and I went to an evening church service and meet up with a couple friends at Village Inn afterward. Then we stopped by Hiro Sushi in West Omaha for some “happy hour” specials after 10.

IMG_2219.JPG IMG_2149.JPG

On Sunday, we headed downtown for another afternoon of Lindy in the Park. I have to admit that the turnout is much better now that our outdoor dance is held only once a month. The strange fountain bucket sculpture was running for the first time in years, giving us the same amusement as a large drinking bird throughout the afternoon. The weather was still downright pleasant, and a bunch of us decided to drop in at Ted & Wally’s for our traditional after-dance ice cream binge before going home. Some of us definitely enjoyed the sugar rush.



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