Cookout in Nashville: Aftermath

IMG_2128.JPG IMG_2137.JPG

Early Sunday morning, Vivian and I said goodbye to a few comic friends and headed on back to Nebraska. We stopped for lunch at Midway airport in Chicago and got some Chicago-style hot dogs. I dressed mine up with a little ketchup just to annoy a certain someone back home. Seriously, what hot dog is complete without a little of the red stuff?

It was a great weekend in Music City, and I got plenty of photos and video to share when we returned home. Here’s a ten-minute video montage from our trip:

It was great seeing some long-time friends from our online comic world, and I hope we get to see some of you all again soon. There seemed to be some doubt about there being a Comic Genesis cookout next year, but who knows? Maybe Mr. and Mrs. Cortland can bring it on up to Omaha.



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