Grand Marquis and Father’s Day

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The Grand Marquis came to play at Jitterbugs Night Out over the weekend, and Vivian and I were happy to enjoy dancing to a live band at the Eagle’s Lodge again (especially since we’d missed the Prairie Cats a few weeks earlier debuting with some songs from their new CD). We had a lively crowd as usual and made our trek out to Village Inn afterward for some much-needed skillets and pie. It’s always fun to see what fun a little sugar and silly friends can provide at two in the morning.

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We had Vivian’s parents over for a special Father’s Day dinner on Sunday afternoon. We decided to make an “Alaskan Salmon Bake” with a recipe taken posthumously from Vivian’s paternal grandfather “Pops” via an old home movie. While on a fishing expedition in Alaska, one of Pops’ friends baked wild-caught salmon with onions, lemon, ground pepper, and Parmesan cheese, so we decided to make some for Vivian’s dad the same way. It came out quite well, and Vivian served it up with broccoli and some creamy mashed potatoes that left us stuffed for the rest of the day (or at least until going to Panera).

Recipe for Party Potatoes.

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