Happy Birthday Dan!

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On Friday night last week, we celebrated the birthday of one of our most recognized jitterbug friends, Dan Wondra. He was an usher at our wedding and seems to be the one swing my dancer most of my family members remember on the dance floor. A bunch of our friends took him out to dinner at the Outback steakhouse on Cass street and then pushed him into a jam circle at JNO that night. In addition to being a celebrated swing dancer (and walking encyclopedia of swing music trivia), Dan’s also a recognized caricature artist. He gave me a caricature for my birthday two years ago, so I returned the favor by drawing a comic of him and his girlfriend Margaret in a card of my own. Happy birthday, Dan!

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Saturday night was the annual Nothnagel Barbecue, which has traditionally been a night of eating way too much food and drink that stretched well into the next morning. Vivian and I were able to drive ourselves home at the fairly respectable hour of two. The next day, Vivian’s co-workers Tamra and Andy had a co-ed wedding shower, and opened such gifts as a giant barbecue and movie theater style popcorn popper. I have a feeling their house in Benson is going become a popular place for movie nights after their honeymoon.

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