Belaboring the day

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Vivian and I enjoyed a spectacular three-day weekend here, even though (or more likely because) we didn’t have anything planned. We spent all of Saturday together, getting up relatively early to visit the Farmer’s Market in downtown Omaha. It was fun to see all the local vendors with produce, pies, and other treats for sale on the walkways. We picked up a couple pies and some fresh basil that Vivian used to make some yummy pesto sauce that night. We ate dinner while watching a particularly cheesy episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (episode 405 – Being from Another Planet).

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It was also our friend Sarah’s birthday this weekend, and it marked the return of the Terrible Trio to JNO for the first time in ages. Kate and Annette had mostly gone their separate ways by the time I arrived on the swing scene, but I had heard the stories of the three terrorizing the Beehive and later the Eagle’s Lodge. Kate actually got married on Saturday, which was the primary reason she and Annette were in town. We took Sarah out to the China Buffet and later the gang went to play Rock Band at Troy and Merinda’s.

The next day, I helped mow my in-law’s lawn in exchange for a haircut and a delicious meal of barbecue ribs, which was more than a fair trade.



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