Venche’s wine tasting, last Lindy in the Park

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Following a steady stream of birthdays, last weekend we celebrated yet another one with our friend Venche. She and her friends had the fairly clever idea of going out to the Soaring Wings vineyard in Louisville to enjoy some wine sampling and smooth jazz. I tried six different wines ranging from dry to sweet, and found that I liked a sweet, chilled “Vignoles” the best out of the bunch. The music was quite good as well, and several of us were able to dance down on the concrete patio despite our liberal samplings of the evening. Wrap up it all up with dinner at Kona Grill and an extended game of Apples to Apples at the end and you have a smashing way to celebrating turning another year.

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On Sunday was the final Lindy in the Park of the season, and marked the return of such venerable Jitterbugs as Jillian, who left Nebraska to live in New York City of all places. She went to a culinary school there and brought some yummy pies to share with us. We’ve been blessed with exceptionally good weather this season, and Sunday was no exception. We finished the afternoon off per tradition with Fluxx over ice cream at Ted & Wally’s before calling it a night.

In other news, our hunt for a house is seriously underway now. After getting preapproval notes from three lenders here in town, we’re scoping out potential pads all over town. It’s hard to weigh a nice home that requires two working people to pay for and a more modest home that would allow Vivian to stay home when we have kids someday.



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