Fall Fun

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Fall’s finally here, and with it comes weather that’s only slightly cooler than the weather we’ve enjoyed throughout the summer so far (which is insanely wonderful). Per tradition, Vivian and I went by Vala’s Pumpkin Patch to check out this year’s festivities. We went with our bible group from Christ Community Church, (which is the first time I’ve mentioned them in my blog so far, oddly enough) and got to wander through a corn maze, have some succotash, and pick out a pumpkin for carving later on.

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Another fall tradition is the Great at Adventures Hayrack Ride up in Santa’s Woods. Vivian and I opted to take the less “rowdy” hayrack ride so we could enjoy looking up at the stars and not have to pick straw out of our clothes and hair for the next two weeks (like some other friends of ours will have to do). We did get to enjoy swing dancing in the barn to some country music and grilling hot dogs and smores on an open fire as well.

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