Hallowed Ween

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Happy Halloween, everybody! Vivian and I enjoyed playing dress up with our friends once again. I bought a white collar shirt from JC Penney and put on some suspenders to become Bill Lumbergh from Office Space. I had to put on a few minor touches to complete the look, such as shaving off my infamous goatee and putting on my gigantic 10-year-old glasses. Vivian dressed up as a hot chick, and we enjoyed parading our costumes for a couple of our friends the week before Halloween.

Our mutual friend Jenny had a birthday party at Hugh’s house, where a bunch of our friends dressed up in amusing costumes and carved pumpkins together. Merinda also had another blow-out event at her house, where several guests did the dance from Thriller together on her basement dance floor. They’d apparently been practicing just for the occasion. I got video from both events and have it linked below via YouTube.

Highlights from our Halloween weekend

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