Three decades of Viviroonie

It’s been another busy, busy week for Vivian and me. We spent a good portion of our Saturday looking at houses (and no, no definite winners just yet). We’re planning on looking at several more over the next week or two and will let everyone know when we have a certain change of address coming along.

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Of course, we also found time to attend the wedding reception of Vivian’s co-workers Tamra and Andy. We’ve been following the exploits of this couple since early last year, so it’s nice to see them finally tie the knot.

The reception was held at Tamra’s parents’ country home north of Omaha, which had a gorgeous view that took us ten minutes just to drink in. The weather was just perfect to play game of ladder golf or hammer nails into a stump with the wrong end of a hammer (don’t ask). There was a yummy buffet luncheon from Qdoba followed by a couple tearful speeches by the happy couple and their mutual relatives.

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The next day, we celebrated Vivian’s 30th Birthday down in Platte River State Park, near Louisville. The weather was beautiful, but the wind was kicking up something fierce, especially from the top of the park’s observation tower. We enjoyed a picnic lunch outdoors with plenty of food and drink courtesy of everyone. We played a little impromptu frisbee afterward and then spent a good hour or so trying to destroy Goofus, a hideous piñata made with concrete. Vivian’s parents originally made him for my birthday party, and he managed both to bloody a few of our knuckles and break our stick TWICE as we barely managed to defeat him. The sun set in the meantime, and then Vivian got to open her presents. Among other things, I got her The Ungame, a social board game from the 1970s with very few rules (but loads of fun to play).

Happy birthday, Vivian! I’m so happy we get to share the next 30 years of our lives together.

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