Sushi and Meatballs


Last week, Vivian and I celebrated what we’ve come to call our “sushi anniversary,” the anniversary of the date we officially became a dating couple back in 2007. Vivian asked me, “So, you want to make it official” right after we’d had dinner at Sakura Bana, so we’ve made it a tradition ever since. This time, we visited Sushi Japan Yakiniku Boy and ordered the gigantic Sushi for Two.

On Friday, we set up the Eagle’s Lodge for Jitterbugs Night Out and wound up staying the whole night dancing with our usual cast of characters. We did have a couple visitors — the proprietors of the Tannenbaum Christmas Shop in the Old Market and the candy shop next door dropped in to dance. The former had apparently been a swing dancer even before Nate and Christy started, and the latter had met Vivian some time earlier when she first took a swing dancing class at Metro Community College. We’d visited his candy shop on our first date.

DSCF0017.JPGOn Saturday, we celebrated International Gluttony Day. We dropped by a Sizzler for lunch just for fun, and then went to Cici’s Pizza Buffet with a bunch of our friends from GAMe. Then we trotted over to Westwood Cinema to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and felt quite full afterward. It was a surprisingly hilarious movie — I’d read the back way back in elementary school and had been thoroughly unimpressed. It’s usual feat to turn a short children’s book into a decent feature-length film, but this time they pulled it off (and did a heck of a lot better than Where the Wild Things Are).

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