March celebrations

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I had a fun week with Vivian that really made me appreciate being married to such a good cook. Wednesday was St. Patrick’s day, so she made up her traditional corned beef and cabbage, which we ate with Irish soda bread and washed down with some creamy Bailey’s. Yum! There also was plenty of corned beef left over, so the next day Vivian made up some tasty Reuben sandwiches.

Thursday was an exceptionally nice day, especially coming out of a Narnia-sized winter, so I met up with Vivian for lunch and took a walk around Benson Park. It was so warm that I didn’t need a jacket, but we hadn’t heard the last of old man winter. The very next day, we had a spontaneous blizzard that turned the world back to January. It was bizarre, but I think we took comfort in knowing that the few inches of snow wouldn’t be around for long.

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Last week was also my brother Jon’s birthday, so he and my other brother Nathan came down to our house in Bellevue to celebrate. My dad gave him a box full of Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVDs, so we were able to suffer through Attack of the Eye Creatures together, just like old times. We were also able to play a round of Apples to Apples with Vivian before going up to Dave & Busters to have some burgers and win some tickets together. We stopped by the Hollywood Video in Bellevue afterward to pick through some of the DVDs they’re trying to liquidate before shutting their doors forever. It looks like all the good movies have been snatched up, but if you’d like to get a used copy of The Adventures of Pluto Nash or Glitter, they’re yours for $4 each. Or just check in the dumpster next week.

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On Sunday, we joined Molly and her crew from the Jaycees for another stop on her tour of restaurants around Omaha. This month we tried Mexican food at El Dorado in south Omaha. Vivian and I skipped breakfast so we could devour a mountain of seafood, which included abalone, shrimp, calamari, squid, stuffed oysters, crab legs, and little slices of plantain. We returned home stuffed and blew the afternoon watching the first season of The Office with Tamra and Andy and some of their tasty homemade (and doctored up) popcorn.

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