Pancakes, Comedy, and the Whiskey Roadhouse

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There’s nothing better after a hard night of dancing than pancakes, and why go to Village Inn when you can have a pancake party right at your own house? Vivian proved to be the selfless hero of the night, using a whole box of Aunt Jemima to feed our hungry dancing crew. She also fried up some bacon that we washed down with orange juice and lemon lime soda that a few Jitterbugs were kind enough to bring. The best part of having a house is being able to have all your friends over for a midnight pancake party.

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On Saturday, Vivian and I attended a comedy night fundraiser with GAMe at 1314 Jones Street. About five or six stand-up comedians performed for donations to help the Haitian relief effort and the Market Church, which meets in the same building on Sunday mornings. I love stand-up comedy, and it was fun to see a couple good acts while drinking coffee with friends. Now I just need me some Sheboygan Sausage!

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On Sunday, I was able to attend two dances with my Jitterbug friends. The first was part of a fundraiser for Burke schools, where Dan Wondra was called to help out. He gave a few lessons in East Coast Swing and Jitterbug for the parents of high school and middle school band members (as well as a few of their kids), and we enjoyed dancing while the bands played a number of songs, ranging from Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy to Thriller.

That night, the Prairie Cats and Grand Marquis were performing live at the Horseshoe Casino, and admission was free. Who could turn that deal down? Apparently not most of our Jitterbug friends, as they all showed up to dance on a jam-packed floor for an hour or two. There’s nothing quite as fun as dancing to live music in front of a room full of curious spectators.



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