Taco Party

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Spring is in the air, with the lovely spring weather with new life sprouting in our yard and the sweet smell of blossoms in the air is certainly helping to keep everyone’s spirits lifted. This is also the time of year for our mutual friend Jenny to throw another wildly successful Taco Party at her house over the weekend. Jenny and Vivian had their last Taco Party back in February of 2007 (a few weeks after Vivian and I first started dating), so it’s been long overdue. We stuffed ourselves with self-serve burritos, which included such tasty ingredients as Vivian’s pucker-power guacamole.

I don’t think I actually knew half the people at the party, but most of them were content to play Taboo upstairs while the rest of us played a rousing game of What’s Yours Like downstairs. Vivian and I also introduced the rest of our friends to some amusing viral videos that have been keeping us amused, including cute animals on the BBC and the JK Wedding Entrance Dance.

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