Showers, Gardens, and Bike Rides

Vivian and I have been spending a little more time at home (and with each other) over the past week or so, going out for breakfast at IHOP on a whim on Friday and then terrifying each other by watching The Ring on Friday night.

P1040683 P1040704

On Saturday, Vivian and her mom started work on our garden while I chiseled away some tile in our bathroom. I saved the last one for her, though, which she happily tore off. That afternoon, Vivian attended a baby shower for our mutual friend Kara while I watched How to Tame your Dragon with my brothers, who happened to stop by for a while. Donna and Vivian did some more work in the garden while we spent quality time playing video games, and I grilled up some brats for dinner at the end of the day.

P1040717 P1040758b

On Sunday, Vivian and Donna finished up their work in the garden, and then Dennis came over to help us make a little more progress on the bathroom. He patched up the holes we cut into the wall a few weeks ago, and then he and I somehow managed to shove a tub enclosure into a space that was a good half-inch too small for it. It was something of an adventure, but should be all finished as soon as we get the third piece up and seal everything off (likely with a little tile at the end).

On Tuesday evening this week, Vivian and I decided to go on a two-hour bike ride up and down the Keystone Trail. I hadn’t actually ridden a bike in about twenty years (I was actually struck by a car while in middle school and kind of gave up the hobby afterward) but it was like, well, riding a bike. We pedaled all the way from the Culver’s just south of Cornhusker up to the I-80 overpass off 60th street. We’ll likely go even farther the next time around, just as soon as our butts get used to the ride.

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