Bikes, Ben’s Birthday, and Bocce Ball

Biking through the Drive-Thru Chicago Dawg

Vivian and I had a lovely Memorial Day weekend enjoying some of the great outdoors and putting some finishing touches on the bathroom before our Comic Genesis cookout this week. We were able to spend some quality time last week as well — we took another bike ride together, and then we biked through the drive-thru at Culver’s to get some ice cream afterward. On Friday, we went out for drinks after work and then stopped by the Chicago Dawg House up on 108th and Maple for some loaded hot dogs before starting our weekend.

P1040914.JPG P1040936.JPG

On Saturday, I spent the afternoon putting a few finishing touches on the Epic Bathroom Project, and managed to learn just how sticky and impossible to remove white silicone caulk can be. That evening, Vivian and I dropped by Jon Paper’s house to attend Ben Anderson’s birthday barbecue with some of our mutual friends. Ben blew out a birthday propane torch, and we enjoyed some strawberry cake together. Later on we got to browse some of the scooters Ben’s selling out of his basement, and then we played a game called Wits & Wagers together in the living room until midnight.

P1050016.JPG P1050005.JPG

On Memorial Day, Vivian and I started cleaning house for our forthcoming Comic Genesis Cookout Weekend. At the end of the day, we dropped by Lee and Chelsea’s house to have a barbecue together and play Bocce Ball for the first time. It was a very simple game, though bumps in the lawn made it nearly impossible to make any ball roll straight. It would be interested to see how that game would play out on our own back lawn, which is more or less one big slope.

Coming up next: The Comic Genesis Cookout: 2010!

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