Cookout in Omaha: Day 4

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Vivian and I had been hoping to sleep in a bit on Sunday morning (considering how we’d been up gaming until after three), but around nine we were were woken up by a dart gun war going on outside our bedroom door. I’d held onto the gun I’d bought at last year’s cookout, and Fading Aura had apparently brought pistols for everyone else. After an hour or so of dodging bullets, Fading Aura took a break to make some waffles before we continued our little war in the back yard.

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We said goodbye to Vort, Michelle, Telly, and Mixed Myth around lunchtime, and then the five of us remaining decided to take another tour of downtown Omaha. We walked along the Gene Leahy mall and then visited a few candy shops in the Old Market. Fading Aura has a fairly well-known sweet tooth and wound up climbing a few trees before we headed home for a quick lunch of Omaha Steaks. Then we had to hurry up and take Aeridius back to the airport (and giving him a good-bye glomp.)

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We had enough time afterward to browse through the remains of the Sands in the City event downtown, where local businesses got to sponsor space to build giant, amusing sand sculptures for passersby to enjoy. By “remains,” of course, I refer to the sculptures that were still standing by the time a weekend of rainy weather and unattended children had taken their toll on them.

We dropped by Panera Bread afterward to have some last-minute comic jams before picking up the donation bread and heading on home, drawing to a close another successful cookout. We might just have to do all this again next year!



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