Autumn Dancing


On Friday night, Vivian and I met up with some of her former co-workers (and current friends) Tamra and Andy out at Noodle Zoo in mid-town Omaha. I’d been meaning to stop by for a good carb binge before JNO for some time and finally had the chance. We dropped in at our usual haunt at 24th and Douglas afterward to burn off what we could and join in a birthday jam for our mutual friend and jitterbug Margaret.


With the cool fall weather come more beautiful opportunities for enjoying the great outdoors, and by that I mean dancing, of course. The United Methodist Church at 73rd and Cass was holding some kind of outdoor event, which meant a live band and as much dancing as we could stand on the grassy lawn. It was load of fun, though some of us got tired of dancing on the unwieldy surface and our performance degenerated into a demonstration of Lindy Fu.

After the dance, Vivian and I crashed at Dinkers for an impromptu burger date. The place boasted the “Omaha’s Best Burger,” so I’d been meaning to try them out for some time. I did enjoy their burger, but I found the greasy, homemade onion rings much more noteworthy.


Sunday afternoon was just perfect for Lindy in the Park. Joining us were a few early out-of-towners come for Cowtown Jamborama, including Jillian and instructors Dan and Gabi. After a brief dance out at the new location at 11th and Farnam, we retreated to Ted & Wally’s to have some ice cream along with a few dozen other patrons who had to slog it out in the longest line ever imagined.

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