Vala’s and Lisa’s 50th

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With fall well underway, and only a week or so left in October, it was high time for a trip to Vala’s Pumpkin Patch with a bunch of our mutual friends. The weather was just about perfect — sunny and cool with nary a trace of the “80% chance of rain” the forecasters had been warning us about. As such, there was plenty of room for us to act like crazy kids bouncing on orange trampolines. We also got to ride around on pedal carts, get lost in a corn maze, wander through the obligatory haunted house, and gorge on succotash without waiting around in line. It was a terrific time, and we got to see just about everything we wanted (except for a surprise appearance by The Godfather).

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That evening we celebrated our friend Lisa’s 50th birthday party at the Bancroft Market / Reception Hall in south downtown Omaha. Our Jitterbug and Classical Music disc jockey Ben Rasmussen appeared with his band Insignificant Other and covered a variety of 60s and 70s songs for our dancing enjoyment. I poured a couple White Russians for everyone and got stuffed on nachos, cake, and other hors d’eourves over at the snack table. A few hours of dancing wasn’t nearly enough time to burn it all off, but we still had a great time hanging out and being silly under nearly midnight.



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