A wedding, and Arts for All


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On Saturday, Vivian and I and a bunch of our mutual friends got to see Hugh Kam and Sarah Hansen married out at Peace Presbyterian Church in West Omaha. It was the ideal wedding ceremony — brief and to the point, and followed by a long and fun reception. We had dinner and speeches by Best Man Olin and Maid of Honor (Sarah’s sister) Laura. Then we had several hours to burn off our dinner dancing to music by DJ/MC Troy. There seemed to be an equal mix between swing and country music, as well as welcome inclusions of “Shout” by the Isley Brothers and a conga dance. (The Chicken Dance and the Hokey Pokey were notably absent.)

Of course, I was on hand to take plenty of photos and video, and I put together a brief video summary of the event online.

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Vivian and I had some more fun on Sunday crashing at Sam & Louie’s in Bellevue to have pizza with new friends from Twin Valley Church, where we’ve been attending for the last couple of months. Afterward, I dropped by St. Martin’s up in South Omaha, where our swing dancing friends Jessica Ritchie and Dan Wondra were participating in an art show with Arts for All. Jessica had her photos on display, and Dan was, of course, drawing caricatures. He did one of me mixing up nasty drinks, as is my forte now, apparently. We also did one or two swing dance demonstrations to anybody who happened to wander by.

Highlights from Hugh & Sarah’s wedding

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