Goodbye, Bart

Bart Wormington, 1952 – 2011

Vivian and I have been busy with several things over the last week or two that have kept me from updating my old blog, but I would be remiss not to comment on the passing of a mutual Jitterbug friend, Bart Wormington.

Bart had been a long-time member of the Omaha Jitterbugs, having joined with the same “class” as former president Ruth (who usually manages the front desk on Friday nights). Vivian and I had only bumped into him occasionally until he started dating Margaret Clancy a year or two ago. They both danced with us in Papillion parade last summer, and we attended their wedding in December. Strangely enough, Bart and I spent most of our time communicating via Facebook, often sparring over one political topic or another. He was still the kind of person who had a great deal of compassion for other people, even those he disagreed with. He gave Vivian and me loads of advice when her car suddenly needed a new transmission, and also let us know what dire consequences could come from a cracked heat exchanger in our furnace (which we fortunately didn’t have).

Bart’s passing, which we learned about just last Sunday, came as the biggest shock of our lives. He’d been commenting on Facebook just hours before a fatal heart attack, and Vivian and I only learned about it via a Facebook comment from Ruth. I’d never lost anyone so suddenly before, and I was simply in shock most of the day. His Facebook page and Margaret’s quickly filled up with sympathetic comments from mutual friends online, and I can only hope some of that gave some comfort to her and their grieving families.

You will be sorely missed, Bart. We hope you’re dancing on beautiful celestial floors now and forever.

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