Burgers, Burritos, and Fried Fish

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Vivian and I both had a fun weekend hanging out with a handful of friends this weekend, starting with the gang from JNO. It was our turn to set up for the dance, and we wound up staying most of the night. Little Debbie decided to have a belated birthday jam, and then we joined her for pie at Village Inn afterward.

On Saturday, Vivian and I had lunch with Jenny and Joe at Louie M’s Burger Lust in South Omaha. I’ve always loved this particular “hole in the wall” in South Omaha, and it only seemed fitting to share it with Joe, being a burger connoisseur himself. The place has a charming décor that looks like it hasn’t changed in the last 60 years, and it only seemed fitting to wash down a couple burgers with a chocolate malt served up at a soda fountain that could have come right out of American Graffiti.

That evening, Vivian and I attended an anniversary party for a few of our friends, Phil and Jen. They’re food fanatics as well and decided to make some homemade tamales and burritos for the lot of us, complete with equipment to make our own tortillas. We met them last year at a GAMe couples night put on by Craig and Debbie, and we seem to share a similar passion for food. We stuffed ourselves and watched their wedding video and honeymoon in Greece before calling it a night.

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On Friday, we celebrated our third annual Fishy Friday at St. John Vianney’s in Milliard, lining up with a dozen or so of our friends to have fried fish, tater tots, pancakes, grilled cheese, and an assortment of other fried, beige food together. A live band played “Sweet Caroline” for us to “bah bah bah” along to, and they even played “Happy Birthday” for Frank, who just happened to have a birthday happening at the next table.

Of course, Jenny and Joe joined us as well and stuck around to make some weird sculptures out of leftover food and then fly paper airplanes at one another until the parish staff kicked us out.

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