Passover and Spent

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On Tuesday, we had a representatives from Jews for Jesus drop by to show us what a Passover Seder ceremony looks like. I was quite surprised that it involved onions and horseradish (in addition to hiding the matzo). It was yet another cross-cultural culinary experience that seems to come around this time of year.

On Friday, Vivian and I went with some of our friends to another Catholic-style carb binge, this time in the form of a Lenten pasta feed at St. Pius church up on Blondo. We had spaghetti and mostacolli with beer cheese and spicy red sauce, as well as some homemade pizza and the obligatory baked goods table. I somehow thought I would have energy to go dancing afterward with all the pasta we ate, but I instead wound up quite tranquilized once I got back home.

Vivian and I noticed how much we wind up eating during Lent that we decided to create our own post-Easter season called “Spent,” where we’d try to eat normally for a change and try working off everything we’ve gained since Mardis Gras.

P1040100 Crazy man eating pita chips

The next day, Vivian and her mom worked a bit on cleaning up the yard and I patched some dead spots in the lawn. On Saturday night, Jenny carried on what seems to be an annual tradition now by hosting another Taco Party at her house. Vivian made her delicious guacamole and we had burritos and tacos with chicken and beef while playing some silly games downstairs. Jenny introduced us to “Telestrations,” which is a pictorial take on the old telephone game and quickly became quite hilarious. We would start off with simple objects like manhole covers, nachos, and mouthwash, which would quickly deteriorate into “crazy guy eating pita chips” or “hit the curb and not the pedestrian.” In other cases, we could just give up and draw people throwing up. Coincidentally, Kaleb and company played the exact same game at his house, so it must be very popular. I’ll have to get my own copy of the game when we next meet up with our friends from Comic Genesis.

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