Some like it hot… or not

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We’re stuck in the middle of the Dog Days of Summer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have some fun outdoors. It just requires good friends and some homemade ice cream. On Friday, Venche had a bunch of us over her house to watch the classic comedy film Some Like it Hot displayed on a large sheet in her backyard. Vivian brought along her bucket to make some homemade ice cream root beer floats for everyone, which was quite refreshing, and Mark made some homemade popcorn with his movie theater style popper. A couple passing storms actually made things a little cooler outside, and the rain let up just enough to allow us to watch most of the film before it started up again.

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Donna’s birthday also was happening this weekend, so Vivian and I decided to celebrate with a surprise trip to the Joslyn art museum, where we were happy to learn Donna had never been before (but had wanted to visit for some time). With temperatures pushing upwards of 100 degrees outside, we were more than happy to spend a good portion of the day appreciating art of many different periods and having ice cream in the cafe all in the comfort of an art deco, air conditioned palace. That evening, we had Jack and Donna over for dinner and ate grilled squid (courtesy of Jack) with some fried yucca and plantain (courtesy of Vivian). We also got to have some of Vivian’s decadent chocolate cheesecake for dessert before wrapping up the evening.



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