Showers and silly movies

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On Saturday last week, Vivian had the first of at least three baby showers, this one hosted by our friends Jenny, Venche, and Tamra. I didn’t attend, but from what I’ve heard and the pictures I’ve seen, it looked like a lot of fun. The girls decorated about a dozen “onesies” together and gave a bunch of baby gifts to Vivian. There was also food — specifically tiny cheese-cupcakes, a couple of which Vivian saved for me. Thank you to Lisa, Jen, Tamra, Heather, Andrea, Li-Ya, Kara, Kelly, Jenny, and Venche for making this new mommy-to-be feel so special (even without a sticker).

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On Sunday night, we joined Phil and Jen and a bunch of other random friends for a Silly Movie night together. The evening also involved some very improvisational cooking — on the Facebook invite, Phil asked guests to bring “an ingredient for us to cook — pasta, meat, vegetable, fruit, or cheese whatever.” That, naturally, left the field quite wide open. Vivian and I settled to bring some tomatoes and basil fresh from our garden, as well as some crushed tomatoes and garlic in case anybody needed to make either marinara sauce or bruschetta (or both). Other people brought biscuits, sausage, corn, egg noodles, and a variety of other stuff that Phil and Jen managed to turn into a handful of tasty dishes for us. The rest of us watched Airplane while sipping on sangria and riesling (or in Vivian’s case, water), which was just as funny as I’d remembered it, especially with a group of silly people.

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