Duck butt jammies

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Our venture into parenthood had been going fairly well so far, and we’ve been able to make the rounds and share Hannah’s adorableness with several of our friends so far. On Friday night, Sarah Adair had an Ugly Christmas Sweater party over at her apartment in Papillion. Hannah was more or less comatose the entire evening in her duck-butt jammies, but we did get to pass her around a bit and had a quick OMG I’m hungry feed me moment. Mostly, we sipped wine and played a couple loud rounds of The Last Word and Wits and Wagers, with Eric playing referee at times.

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On Saturday night, we had something of a “coming out” party for Hannah, which was essentially her last little baby shower. Donna baked a giant baby bassinet cake, and several of her friends and co-workers dropped by — Keith and Shelley, Shirley and Roxanne, Sarah Busch, and even Uncle Nathan. We stuffed ourselves with meatballs and salad for dinner, and Vivian opened a bunch of presents before we moved on to dessert.

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On Sunday, Vivian brought Hannah by Twin Valley Church for her first time in church. Naturally everyone stopped by to coo and look at the new little bundle we’d brought. Hannah was fairly well behaved, and we were even able to drop by Taco Bell with a bunch of the gang without much trouble.

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