Goodbye Babo

Baby “Babo” Cockatiel

Baby was born in California and lived with a single man the first of his life. He later to moved to live with the Camozzi family after the man couldn’t take care of him. It is reported that Baby learned the sound of the Camozzi family car and would squawk every time it pulled into the drive way. In 1996 Baby came to live with the Taber family where he was adopted primarily by the father Jack. “Heeeeey Baby” is what Jack would call him. Jack and Baby became good friends and Baby preferred to spend most of his time with him so it made sense that Baby would accompany Jack across country to his new home in Omaha, NE. Baby lived with Jack the first year he lived in Omaha. In 1998 the rest of the family came up to join him along with Baby’s old friend Flapper. Baby and Flapper would eventually become cage mates. Baby enjoyed being the bigger bird, which earned him the nickname “Babo the Bully Bird.” Babo became the primary name he would be called. In 2005 Baby and Flapper went to live with the Taber’s daughter Vivian. Baby and Flapper enjoyed teaming up against Vivian’s roommate Jenny where they would squawk and get out of the cage when Vivian wasn’t home. In 2007 Baby met another new friend Matt and the two of them got to know each other for the remainder of his life. Baby didn’t get out of the cage much, but he enjoyed sitting at the entrance of the opened cage door. Baby also liked getting into boxes, watching curtains swaying, eating Rice Krispies, exploring the ground, sitting on shoulders, getting misted with water from a spray bottle, and looking out the window. He is survived by his cage mate Flapper, Taber family, Johnson family, and all the friends that have come to see him over the years. He will be greatly missed.

Today’s guest post was written by Vivian — Babo’s “mom” of 16 years.

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