Ingredient Party

Our house hasn’t been quite the same since our cockatiel Babo passed away last Saturday. Flappy seems to be taking it especially hard, screeching and calling out for Babo and noticeably distressed that he isn’t around anymore. Vivian’s been giving him some extra attention. In other news, Hannah just turned two-months old. Vivian’s gone back to work at Friendship Program part-time, leaving Grandpa to play babysitter while she’s away. That’s proving to be quite an adjustment as well.

P1100088 P1100111

We are still finding time to hang out with friends. On Saturday, Phil and Jen hosted an “ingredient party,” where everyone brings some random ingredient and then Phil and Jen try to make something out of it. I decided to be horrible by bringing beef kidney and liver, which they were able to turn into a couple of “offal” dishes for us. I also picked up rutabaga, parsnips, turnip, and several other items I can’t remember having eaten recently. Jessica and Kristen joined us for dinner and then Monty Python and Meet the Spartans afterward.

In other news, I decided to pull a “ret-con” on my blog my posting year-end wrap-up updated for 2007, 2009, and 2010 in the same way I did for 2011 (and earlier in 2008). It was so much fun looking through all the pictures and memories I’d collected throughout the year that I decided to go back and do it three more times for other years covered in my blog. Click on over and browse through a couple years’ worth of memories in pictures that I’ve collected!

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