Snowmageddon and a Superbowl

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Well, Punxatawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter, but we seem to have squeezed them all into just one short weekend. Vivian and I celebrated Groundhog Day last week by watching Groundhog Day, of course. I also took her out for pizza at the Pizza Shoppe as a surprise lunch date. This was all in anticipation of “snowmageddon” over the weekend, which was really the only snowfall to speak of that we’ve had all winter long.

On Friday night, while the roads were still drivable, I decided to make use of our grill one last time and make burgers for Vivian and her folks before the snow hit. The next day, Vivian and Hannah stayed warm inside for the most part, and I spent a couple hours getting a good workout shoveling our driveway (yes, I am still a member of the Order of the Shovel).

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The snow had been cleared away just perfectly by the time Sunday rolled around, so church services and Superbowl parties were all still happening on schedule. Our mutual friend Hugh invited a bunch of us over to his house (for the first time since he and Sarah were married) to watch the Big Game on Sunday night. Nobody in our group was rooting for either the Giants or the Patriots, so we mostly visited and acted goofy in the kitchen and paid attention to the TV only when the commercials came on (the crowd you see in the photo above gathered when The Voice came on right after the Superbowl ended).

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