Babies, birthdays, and 88 Improv

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Saturday night was our friend Dennis‘ birthday, so Vivian, Hannah, and I all went up to Blair to say hello. We hadn’t seen any of the Lenart family since Hannah was born, and that meant we hadn’t met the newest addition to their family, baby Matthew. We had cake, makeshift sangria, and burgers while catching up with a handful of old friends and taking turns carrying a handful of babies throughout the night.

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On Tuesday, Jenny had the bright idea of inviting a bunch of our mutual friends up to the Pizza Shoppe Collective in Benson to have dinner and see 88 Improv — our favorite local improv group. They’re raising money to restore the Benson theater this month, so we got to participate in a good cause while we were there, a nice added bonus. Vivian and I arrived 90 minutes ahead of time to snag a front-row table for the dozen of us. Once we got settled, the radio overhead started to play “Love Shack,” so Jenny, Vivian, and I got to test our karaoke skills and sang along with the B-52s entirely from memory for the amusement of the rest of our friends.

Vivian and I stuffed ourselves with a king-sized Roundtable and cheese bread before the show, and then I spent half the performance snapping pictures with my camera. The story of the night started with “angry flamingo lovers” and turned into an hour-long sketch involving an angry HOA president and the unrequited love between a French/Italian Francois and his dragon-lady.

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