Movies and dancing outdoors

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The Johnson Family has been having fun outdoors around the Omaha metro area, soaking in as much of the cool, spring weather as we can before the stagnant heat and humidity of summer kicks in.

On Friday night, we dropped by the Sumtur Amphitheater in Papillion for free movie night. Lisa, Mark, Jenny, and Andy joined us and a throng of young families to see Rango (along with four Looney Tunes cartoons). It was a beautifully cool night, just about perfect for an outdoor movie other than the wind and pollen that kept trying to blind us.

Naturally, Hannah provided plenty of baby goodness before the show started.

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On Sunday, we joined Billy and the Omaha Jitterbugs for Lindy in the Park in their new “official” location under the corner pavilion in Stinson Park. We had a fairly good turnout of our usual troupe of swing-dancers, and just about as many ragamuffin jitterbug kids as well. Lindsey came by with Edith Ann (“Honey”) and her new twin sisters, who got to meet Hannah as they got passed around. We ducked into Jones Bros. afterward for a post-dance sugar binge. I continued to play with my camera and got to capture random little moments with Eric and Maggie before calling it a day.

Then on Tuesday, Hannah turned half a year old! She’s growing up so fast. We celebrated by taking her to the park and letting her play in the sand for the first time, an experience she seemed to find fascinating.

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