Ballgames and the Sumtur

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Summer’s back in full swing, and you know what that means — baseball! Vivian and I took Hannah to see her very first baseball game at Werner Park last Saturday, where the Omaha Stormchasers beat the Memphis Redbirds 3-0. The bases were tied up in the ninth inning, but it really wasn’t even close, so we paid more attention to the crazy games between innings that involved spouses diving on each other and throwing things at goofy mascots. The weather was beautiful, though, and we managed to enjoy the game was the sun was done burning holes into our eyes and dipped below the horizon somewhere round inning five. Of course, we had to stay for the fireworks afterward, which left us with plenty of happy sunspots on the way out of the park.

The fun didn’t stop there, of course. Our neighbor Troy was busy hosting a bunch of swing dancers who came to crash after the Omaha Jitterbugs’ “champions weekend,” so we dropped by on the way home. It was a great chance to meet a few cool cats, dance with some of our familiar friends, have a drink, and pass Hannah around to a few new folks, including champion instructor Dee, who called her the most adorable baby in the world and held onto her for an hour so Vivian and I could dance.

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The following Thursday, I grabbed a few of my fellow swing dancers to dance to some live jazz music down at the Sumtur Amphitheater in Papillion. The Brad Cordle Band was playing for free for anyone who happened by, so Eric, Sherry, Jessica and Sean came by to dance down in front of the band. The music was quite good and the weather was perfect. We just need to gather a few more dancers before we try it again.

The next day, Vivian’s mom and dad took us to Outback Steakhouse to use up a gift card and a coupon, which was nice. It was Hannah’s first experience with a restaurant that has turned into something of an annual birthday tradition for the Taber household. We all had steaks, and Hannah just drank from her bottle, holding it all by herself in her little carseat.

After dinner, it was back to the Sumtur again, where Vivian and I watched Cars 2 for lack of anything better to do, and Hannah fell asleep in my arms.

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