The heat is on!

So it’s July in Nebraska, with temperatures pushing their way up into the 90s. Sweltering outside? You bet. Staying inside where it’s nice and cool? Not a chance! There are just too many fun things to do outside — even in the midst of a hot and muggy Nebraska summer.

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Vivian and I got to partake in another summer tradition on Thursday last week — Jazz on the Green! We’d both joined our fellow Jitterbugs for some sweltering hot dancing some five years ago, when this annual Jazz event was still being held on the steps of the Joslyn Art Museum. Mike Gurciullo and His Las Vegas Lab Band kicked off the first concert of 2012, and we had a handful of Omaha Jitterbugs on hand to keep things interesting on the grassy area in front of the stage. Grass isn’t the best surface for a Lindy Hop, but everybody still seemed to manage (and work up a sweat).

Vivian was also there doing secret, girly things with her girly girls’ group.

P1130426 P1130415

On Saturday, Vivian and I decided to take Hannah for her first trip to a Farmer’s Market in downtown Omaha. We wandered through several pavilions in the sweltering heat looking for the Grill Magic seasoning people, but they were unfortunately MIA this year. We did get some pie, some enchiladas, and some fresh basil, and then we crashed for lunch at the Upstream. I also decided to order a sampler platter of 12 different beers, all brewed right at the Upstream. The whole tray of bubbly, multicolored liquid seemed to captivate Hannah and put quite a smile on her face. Being underage, however, Hannah had to satisfy herself instead with a bottle of Hunt’s ketchup.

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On Sunday, the Hall family invited everyone at church over to their home in the country for some outdoor fun and a potluck dinner. Hannah got to see a few baby chicks for the first time out in the Hall chicken coop. They also had their pool open in the backyard, so I got to take Hannah on her very first dip in a swimming pool. She’s loved splashing in the bathtub, but she didn’t quite know what to make of being half-submerged in chlorinated water. She and Lily got to squeeze into a flotation device and scoot around the pool together. It’s always fun to see Hannah having all these new experiences with us.

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