Cooler weather, outdoor fun

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On Friday night, the Johnson Family dropped by the Sumtur for their last outdoor movie of the season, Puss in Boots. It was a cool 70-something degrees and I would have been just as happy stretched out on a picnic blanket all evening. A could hundred other families joined us sprawled out on the grass as the sun went down.

On Saturday night, Tamra hosted a campfire / obstacle course up at her parents’ place north of Omaha. She put together an obstacle course, which involved walking on planks, riding in wheelbarrows, and falling on the ground after spinning around on baseball bats. Vivian and Rachel didn’t win, but everyone seemed to have a good time, especially me, who took pictures of everything. We had a campfire roaring the entire time we were there, keeping us warm as we dined in sloppy joes and s’mores. (Hannah got to experience two firsts in one night — her first campfire and her first time petting a kitty.) It was sprinkling off and on throughout the evening, so we had to move the food indoors and retreat from our multicolored campfire when the flames proved to be too weak to evaporate every bit of precipitation trickling down on us.

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On Sunday afternoon, we headed down to Platte River State Park for the afternoon. We took Hannah swimming in the pool, which proved to be a little chilly as the sun played peek-a-boo behind the clouds. Our friends all took turns playing with Hannah as Vivian and I endured the sub-80-degree waters (which seemed to be too much for some of our friends to handle). Afterward, we went across the street to tour a small pond on paddle-boats, taking our assortment of DSLR cameras along to snap pictures of everything, of course. For dinner, we drove up to Pudgy’s Pizzeria in Gretna for a couple giant deep dish pizzas served up by Pudgy himself. Onion-Boy, being from Chicago, could vouch for the authenticity of the pies, though Jenny seemed somewhat skeptical of his credibility (not of the food — just in general).

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