Playing Dress Up

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The Merry Month of Halloween marches on, and that of course means more costuming with our friends. On Friday night, the s’mores family paid a visit to the Omaha Jitterbugs for a night of swing dancing and a costume contest. We didn’t win, but we did manage to make it into the finals. Adam took first place as Bob Ross (with a Pretty Little Tree). Other noteworthy contenders included Takashi as Michael Jackson (who led us once again in a round of Thriller), Maggie as Captain America and Eric as a Low-Key Loki, and a completely unintentional James Jonah Jameson, the grouchy editor of the Bugle (see Spider-Man). It felt good to be dancing again with our usual round of swing-dancing friends, though it’s kind of hard to Lindy Hop while wearing a giant cardboard graham cracker, so I didn’t keep it on for very long.

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On Saturday Night, we went to Ruth’s very extensively decorated house for Merinda’s annual Halloween Bash. Everyone got to dress up again, and this time Hannah got to be an extremely cuddly lion (which I was able to turn into a manticore with the addition of a few horns). Frank Ortiz got to be a disgruntled ladybug, Joe was some kind of Elvis, and Ben Peet got turned into a Rug-Bee (from Griffindor House). It was a fun night that evening included plenty of our usual weirdness and even some dancing in the cleared-off living room, though without Takashi to lead us we couldn’t successfully complete another Thriller dance (but that didn’t keep us from trying).

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