Love and murder

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Love was in the air last week, with just a whiff of murder. On Sunday evening, Twin Valley Church hosted its first Valentine’s murder mystery potluck party. We had almost the entirety of the congregation participating, including Mark and Lisa, Drew and Teresa, Jack and Donna, and a handful of other willing suspects. The setting was an Australian island after some kind of shipwreck involving a cluster of Olympic athletes. I got to play a Swedish ping pong champion, a la Jan-Ove Waldner, who didn’t do much other than pee on trees and run away from snakes. Several of us enjoyed getting into our characters, including Pastor “Terone” from Detroit. The actual killer turned out to be Lynn Sahs, which took almost everyone by surprise, since we had about a hundred red herrings floating around for our characters to fish for.

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On V-Day itself, I made up some heart-shaped pancakes for Vivian for breakfast. Then, I spent a busy morning preparing some fettuccine alfredo for a surprise lunch visit to Vivian at Friendship Program. Of course, I brought Hannah along for the ride so everyone at her office could coo over our rapidly-growing up baby girl. (And left a surprise on Vivian’s desk when no one was looking.)

That evening, we had a modest romantic dinner at one of our favorite burger chains, Five Guys. I’d taken Vivian to other more (traditionally) romantic venues in the past, but we somehow enjoyed our burgers and fries much more, particularly because we didn’t need to worry about Hannah interrupting anyone else’s candlelight affairs. After dinner, we topped off the evening by getting Naked at Aldi. Yes, we did.

In other news, Hannah knows herself from head to “toooooooe!”

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