Spaghetti and Spaceballs

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Most of the posts on my blog have to do with friends and food. Mostly food, of course. Two of our favorite Foodie Friends and Phil and Jen, and they invited us over to their place on Saturday night for some Spaghetti and Spaceballs. Phil created some handmade spaghetti with fresh dough and the two of us round up some meatballs made with pork, bacon, and lamb. Mel Brooks kept us amused in the background, particularly Hannah, who seemed to think one inch from the screen was the ideal place to view the musical adaptation of the Spanish Inquisition (which none of us expected).

On Sunday afternoon, the brakes went out on my Taurus on my way home from church. I’m not entirely sure what happened yet, but I was able to coast safely to a stop by pumping them several times (one of the few things I remember from Drivers’ Ed). The car’s in the shop now awaiting a verdict. I’m mostly glad that this didn’t happen to Vivian during rush hour, when losing your brakes at highway speeds could prove a little more dangerous.

That evening, the Johnson Family dropped by the Kleven House in west Omaha for an Oscar Party hosted by Venche and Bente. It had been a while since Hannah had seen Venche and she was able to show off such things as being able to climb stairs and accept an award for Best Supporting Toddler. I didn’t pay much attention to what was happening on the red carpet or on the stage afterward, as I was mostly corralling Hannah and feeding her chicken nuggets from my plate, but it was nice to hang out with a few other people for the evening, particularly after a somewhat scary afternoon.



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