Fodder’s Day


We’ve entered the busy season of summer, which means a few weekends full of blog-worthy fun for the Johnson family. On Saturday, Vivian and I threw a wine-tasting at our house. We invited a cluster of our friends and classes it up with a glass or two of reds and whites. There were plenty of worthy contestants, and Mark was awarded a Grape Goblet for his tasty, sparkling bottle of Piemonte Brachetto. Afterward, we has some tasty appetizers and played a round of Apples to Apples and a cutthroat game of Pictionary before calling it a night.


Sunday, of course, was Father’s Day. Twin Valley Church had a cookout with plenty of burgers and hot dogs for all the dads in attendance. Vivian and Ben manned the grill and I mainly kept an eye on Hannah who was either snatching food or getting dragged around the church by her slew of little girl friends. I spent the afternoon watching Rubin and Ed with Vivian, a goofy buddy comedy I’ve wanted to see for a while. Then Jack and Donna joined us for dinner. Vivian grilled up some tasty rib-eye steaks for Jack and me. We got to open presents afterward, which included some great dad-related T-shirts for Jack and me. I also got a nicely framed pair of Hannah’s footprints to hang in my new office. We finished off the evening downtown spending a few gift cards at Coldstone to get some ice cream (which Hannah seemed to enjoy helping herself to).

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