Winds of change


Can a Nebraskan like me ever get tired of talking about the weather? Not when it’s 71 degrees in July. Earlier this week, a sweet wind of change blew through the Omaha metro area, sweeping in some fantastic clouds just in time for Hannah’s 20-month birthday (giving us plenty of opportunity for cute pictures). Along with that came a little rain and then gorgeous, fall-like conditions that provided the perfect weather for playing outside and a picnic in the park.

The cool weather also came in time for another outdoor movie at the Sumtur Amphitheater in Papillion. We’d already made plans to see Wreck-It Ralph with a few clusters of our friends, and the weather only helped in bringing about a record-setting crowd of over 1400 people. A bunch of kids did the Crazy Dance on stage (including a few we know from church) as the rest of us lounged on our blankets before the movie started. The weather was downright intoxicating, a sweet treat for late July to say the least.


On Saturday night, we dropped by the Reed Community Center to join in the fun of Merinda and Mike’s wedding reception. It was the perfect excuse for Hannah and a few of her little friends to put on pretty dresses and bring on the cute as mom and dad danced with a bunch of their swing-dancing friends. Billy also did what no other DJ could do — combine swing music and 80s favorites (and I found myself dancing more for the latter). There was a parent-child dance, bouquet-tossing, garter-grabbing, chicken dancing, the YMCA, and a shim-sham, of course, as well as plenty of retreating outside to get another gulp of the gorgeous weather. It was what I hope my own wedding reception would have been — lots of fun for all our friends!

Congrats, Merinda and Mike! Keep dancing, keep dreaming, keep loving, keep living.



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