Haircuts and swimming


Our little girl had a couple of adorable firsts over the weekend. On Friday, Grammy came by to give Hannah her very first haircut. She’s been getting a bit shaggy over the past few months and now had bangs down to her eyes, so it was time for a trim. We kept her satiated with Pooh and a cookie, and she took her little trim like a champ. (Mom kept some of the clippings in a plastic bag for her keepsake box, of course.) Donna gave the rest of the family a trim while she was over and then we all went out to Hector’s for dinner to celebrate

The next day, Vivian and I took Hannah down to the Sarpy YMCA for her very first swimming lesson! Hannah has experienced a swimming pool before, but this was the first time she got serious training on jumping around in the water with mommy (down at the deep end, no less). We went downtown afterward for some Japanese food at Matsu Sushi for lunch, and afterward Hannah got to experience climbing around in a tree for the first time before heading home.

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