A Pumpkin Patch and a Costume Party


The season of Halloween goes marching on as Hannah turns 23 months old, almost all the way to two. We got an anniversary picture of her out front in the still-too-large Pumpkin costume she wore last year in the front yard.

On Friday, Hannah got to participate in some of her first trick-or-treating this weekend. We stopped by the YMCA on Friday, which was having a “trunk or treat” out in the parking lot. It was good practice for Hannah and some of our mutual friends’ kids to learn the fun of taking candy from strangers. They had a few costumed characters wandering about and lots of activities inside for the kids. I was particularly proud of Hannah’s determined attempt to get through a large inflatable obstacle course, though she seemed more interested in crawling around the large, plush blocks inside.


On Saturday, we headed down to Union Orchard north of Nebraska City and took Hannah to a pumpkin patch for the first time. The weather was gorgeous, and Hannah loved being able to run around in a  field full of the giant, orange fruits. We picked out a pumpkin of our own, and Hannah claimed a tiny green “baby pumpkin” for herself. We also grabbed some apple donuts, apple slushies, and some apple smoked sausage inside in-between Hannah playing on a few of the rides in the children’s area.

On the way home, we drove through Plattsmouth, which is now on my list of the Prettiest Small Towns in the World. We saw a sign for a place called “Mom’s Cafe” which served giant chicken fried steaks and decided we had to eat there. I took a stroll with Hannah down Main Street and got several pictures of the pretty buildings, half of which were on some registry of historic places. A couple volunteers were setting up for some Halloween street carnival later in the day, so Hannah said hello to a few of them before going back for lunch.


That evening, Merinda had another one of her famous Halloween parties at her and Mike’s new house up near 72nd and Blondo. As usual, several people outdid themselves again with a whole cast of characters from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Egon Spengler, Carmen Sandiego, Vampire Hunter D, and a Ringmaster and Bearded Lady making appearances. Even Binx got into the act with a tiny pair of goat horns. Hannah mostly stayed adorable and ran circles around the big kids throughout the evening.



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