Stop! Family time.


Thanksgiving is nearly here, and that means spending time with family. On Saturday night, the Johnson Family had dinner with the Lenart Family up in La Vista. Dennis and Kara’s little ones seemed to enjoy taking over my lap as their own personal play space, which actually managed to make Hannah a s little jealous as the three of them fought for space on my two two knees. It’s always nice to get able to get out of the house as a family and spend time with others, especially others with kids.

My parents are also visiting from North Carolina for the next week or two. Mom and dad rolled into town late Saturday night and got to see their granddaughter for the first time in a year and a half. They’re planning to move back to Nebraska to spend their golden years with family nearby, so they’ll be house-hunting with our former Realtor Shawn Maloy while they’re in  town. We’ve had a good time catching up with them so far. They came with us to church and had lunch with our Twin Valley friends at Taco John’s afterward. Then on Wednesday we took them out to dinner at Gorat’s, making good use of an about-to-expire Living Social coupon, which managed to feed all four of us.

Next stop: somebody’s about to become two years old!



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