Kicking things off

It’s been a relatively quiet year so far on this little blog, though Vivian and I have still been having lots of fun here in Omaha despite the “polar vortex” thing that happened. Vivian has gone back to work temporarily at Friendship Program, which means Hannah gets to spend some extra quality time during the the day with Grammy and Pa Pa. Vivian and I also did some babysitting for our mutual friends Randy and Jolene, watching their little one on one day so they could watch Hannah on another. That allowed Vivian and me to catch the new Hobbit film last weekend and then have a nice dinner at the Zin Room afterward. I also got to have a fun little lunch date with Vivian and Hannah at Petrow’s. Hannah was a good little girl thanks to the help of Winnie the Pooh streaming through Wifi on my phone.


In other news, our friends the Kuehmichels invited us and a handful of other folks from church over to their place for an after New Year’s party at their house. Ben roasted beef and chicken and Amanda had a counter full of gluten-free goodies for everybody. Ben and I also got to talk quite a bit about geeky stuff, specifically streaming video throughout the house using network-attached-storage, something I’m going to have to figure out when I’ve finally had enough of shuffling files back and forth to our Roku via Flash drive.

On Superbowl Sunday next month, the Kuehmichels will have us over at their house again to kick off a new small group at our church for young families. We’ll be sharing stories from the bible with our kids on their level and then studying them on a “grown-up” level afterward. We’re pretty excited about this little group, because it will give both us and Hannah the chance to connect with other people in a spiritual level. It reminds me that having little ones is no excuse to become a “hermit” and seal yourself off from the outside world. It’s actually just the opposite.

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