Doing time with the folks

IMG_1138Vivian and I have been spending some quality time with “the folks” over the past week or two. Last week, Jack and Donna celebrated their wedding anniversary, so Vivian and I took them out to Cheeseburger in Paradise at Village Pointe and then saw the Clash of the Comics at the Funny Bone across the street. They had a handful of local comedians each performing five minute routines for us on stage, and the emcee just happened to be the “Sheboygan Sausage” guy we saw at a GAMe comedy event four years ago. We had a good time, though I got a bit annoyed when the Funny Bone wanted to charge nearly double the price for using a credit card and the only ATM at the entire mall was out of order. They also had a two-item minimum for everyone attending, so plan on eating and drinking at the show if you ever stop by.

IMG_1149A few days later, my parents arrived from North Carolina. They’re apparently homeless now, since they just sold their house and don’t currently have one to move into yet. They’re working with Sean Maloy, the Realtor who sold us out house back in 2009, and staying in our basement in the meantime. As such, as have a fairly full house, but that means that we get more free babysitting in exchange, allowing Vivian and me to drive to Village Inn and have pie and coffee on a whim. In other news, we had a family night with Dennis and Kara on Saturday, having chili at their place and introducing Hannah to their new dog, Brandi III. It was the first time Hannah had encountered a rambunctious animal that doesn’t know it’s not polite to jump all over a two-year-old.

In the meantime, we’re going to have a full house as my folks find a place to live here in Nebraska. It’s going to be different having all four grandparents around to drop in for dinner.

Hannah’s amazed at having all four grandparents eating dinner with us!

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