The Children’s Museum

IMG_0672Over the month of January, Vivian returned temporarily to her job at Friendship Program to fill in for a few co-workers who have left in the past few months. She’s been working part-time during the day while Grammy and Papa watched Hannah at home. Her last day was on Friday, so we celebrated by dropping by the Pitch pizzeria in Dundee for a lunch of cheese pizza and truffle fries.

That evening, we had Jack and Donna over and had a dinner of roast pork shoulder to thank them for filling in over the past month.


We got a little dusting of snow on Friday night, and on Saturday we decided to have some fun in the great indoors by getting a membership to the Omaha Children’s Museum downtown. Hannah had first visited the museum back when she was about a month old, and she went by once after that, but Vivian and I thought she was old enough now for a full-time membership. We got to see a bubble show, look at some balls shooting through pneumatic tubes, play some music, shop in the play grocery store, and play with some of the interactive farm animals. The upstairs traveling display was called “Things That Go,” so Hannah also got to test drive a tricycle, explore an ambulance, and ride on a bus before we called it a day.



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