The Fabulous 50s


Every year around Valentine’s Day, Twin Valley Church hosts some kind of themed party for the congregation. One year it was a Wild West party, another year it was a murder mystery. This time around, Vivian and I were asked to help host, so we picked a Fabulous 50s theme this time around. We put together some tasty 50s-era food to go along with dinner, such as loose-meat sandwiches, fancy hors d’oeuvres, and ice cream sodas. The Rietjens, Hunters, and Kuemichels came by to help us kick things off with a hula hoop contest and bubble gum blowing contest.

Then afterward, our special guests Dan Wondra and Sara Pirtle joined us for a swing dancing lesson! It was fun to introduce to our church friends the basic jitterbug dance that brought Vivian and me together a few years ago, and Dan and Sara did a great job walking everyone through a basic lesson of single-time east coast swing. It was also good just to catch up with a few of our busy Jitterbug friends. Dan seems to know every single venue for potential swing dancing in Omaha, from the Sokol to the VFW at 90th and Fort to random locations such as Catholic fundraisers and dive bars in Papillion, one of which he and Sara crashed shortly after our party was over.

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