Happy nights out

So my folks are still living with us as they hunt for a house in the Omaha area. This is apparently a very popular place to live, as most of the houses they like wind up getting sold before they can even make an offer. As such, we get to have free, live-in babysitters for a couple more weeks, leaving Vivian and me free to go out and have some unprecedented fun with our friends.


On Friday night, we dropped by the Eagle’s Lodge for our first trip to Jitterbugs Night Out since last September (for Vivian’s birthday jam). The UNO Big Band was playing once again, and it seemed like the ideal time to stop by and dance to some real swing music (rather than “vintage jazz”). The place was swarming with kids from UNO, many of whom couldn’t dance. As such, we only saw a few familiar faces, one of whom was “Little Debbie,” who had come to visit from Minneapolis and have a birthday jam. It was a fun night back at our usual “haunt,” though, and we even dropped by Alvorado’s in Council Bluffs (now called Juventino’s for who knows what reason) afterward for some bean burritos before calling it a night.


On Saturday night, we dropped by Kaleb’s Place for one of his legendary game nights. I think we surprised a good deal of people by showing up. Having a two-year old means that hanging out and playing Werewolf, Fluxx, and Liar’s Dice until after midnight isn’t something we can do at the drop of a hat. This time, however, Hannah was asleep at home with grandma and grandpa in the next room, meaning we could stay up playing goofy games nearly until the clocks changed. We also got to see Katya’s little baby girl, who got passed around to several other gamers in attendance.


On Sunday, we had a spat of lovely warm weather, so we enjoyed it with a picnic lunch of Burger King at the park with grandma and grandpa. Nebraska weather fluctuates so much that we could have snow one day and balmy, summer-like weather the next, so you can enjoy the great outdoors all winter long if you time it right. Hannah spent an hour or two going down slides and playing in the sandbox with a new friend of two before we called it a day.

The next day was even warmer, so she and mom joined me at the park over the lunch hour to have lunch and play on the playground at Stinson Park. The place was packed with kids and parents enjoying the weather, and an enterprising girl was there making balloon swords for tips for everyone on hand. Throw in a few free cupcakes from Jones Bros. and it was quite a lovely afternoon.

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